The Rebirther Training is based on the knowledge that true learning is the result of personal experience.

The proven technology recognises that each participant will gain maximum value because of their own unique experiences gained during this course.

The training is structures to provide and acknowledge this experience, and support the participant to learn and grow from it.
It is the intention of the Rebirther training to fully equip the participant with the skills required to become a qualified and capable practising Rebirther.

The training is highly experiential and usually facilitated one weekend a month for nine months. This can vary if students have particular dates that need to be honoured or travel for the trainer needs to taken into consideration. Practise practical sessions are provided in between the monthly classes as an addition for the students. These dates are chosen by the students at the weekend course.

Course material and workbooks, plus the designated compulsory nationally endorsed units are provided and will need to be completed to achieve the Certificate IV or Diploma qualifications  

 The curriculum is designed to allow the participant to learn and process any issues in life, that they may have not dealt with so far. By doing this, the participant will be a clear channel for Rebirthing clients and will have less likelihood of client /practitioner transference. 

The cost of the training varies according to the location and the cost of travel for the trainer, please apply for costs in your location. 

The latest accreditation process is now complete!

We were advised on the 11th of October 2012 by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) that the following courses were accredited:
 10304NAT Certificate IV in Rebirthing/Breathwork Therapy
 10305NAT Diploma of Applied Health (Rebirthing/Breathwork Therapy)

 Both courses are the sole property of Rebirther Training Australia (RTA)and can be delivered under license to the same.

Upcoming Trainings

The trainer Bronwyn Barter will be commencing a training July 2016

For bookings and enquiries, please cal +618 8260 2086   

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