"My rebirth sessions during pregnancy were such a help to me. I was able to tap into emotions, fears and patterns of behaviour that I had never delved into before. I learned how my birth could have an impact on the way I felt about birthing my babies, and I let go of a lot of feelings about what happened when I was born, and when my first baby was born. I enjoyed the chance to relax and just breathe and it was amazing how quickly I began to talk and to cry. It was especially wonderful to experience rebirthing during pregnancy to be able to connect with my unborn child, to feel as if we could communicate. I promised the baby I was doing all I could to get over 'my issues' to allow the child to live his/her experiences as s/he needed to. In my final session, I felt as if I was kissing the baby on the head, and letting him/her know I was ready to surrender to whatever this birth was to be. The sessions with Bronwyn allowed me the chance to talk, to reflect and to feel supported to let go-to surrender."

- Michelle

"Breathwork has really changed my life. I felt a shift from the first time that I experienced a session. Gradually, over time, this shift has deepened and given me greater clarity and freedom to be more of who I truly am."

- Toby
"…My rebirther training is an experience I will cherish for the rest of time. I want to tell everyone about the amazing experience that is the rebirther training but am excited to keep it sacred because I want everyone to experience it to its fullest…"

- Deb
"...Thank you for creating 'Changes', it has opened my heart, my mind, my body and my spirit. Thank you for the wonderful gifts of beauty, respect, openness, and wisdom; for living your truth and for the nurturing that has enabled me to see in you, and to find in others, the GODLINESS that lies in us all. Our time together was filled with joy, laughter, tears, emotion, and lots of fun. This gift not only allowed us to see our own changes, it also enabled us to see the changes of others unfold ever so gently under your wonderful guidance. The changes that have happened and the miracles that have appeared into my life have been nothing short of MIRACULOUS...where do I begin...throughout the course, like most, it was a ride full of emotion, hurdles, challenges, floods of tears, lots of love and support and friendship, and most of all sacred space to share, to grow, to heal, to open old wounds...and all of this, without judgement, just acceptance of what is and what was, and whatever will be..."

- Paula
"Where do you start with a program like CHANGES? After being involved with Rebirthing for 19 years and having reconnected through the CHANGES training, I can unequivocally say that this rebirthing training is second to none. Although I had done years of self-development, coming through the comprehensive and holistic training presented by Bronwyn, I was finally able to tap into the deepest core issues that were still holding up my life, a process which was facilitated with ease, joy and clarity. I have never looked back... What differentiates Bronwyn’s training is learning how lovingly and gently the healing can take place. To learn to trust the breath and the process through CHANGES has been one of the greatest gifts of my life... I am so grateful to finally use and trust a healing modality that is gentle, effective and permanent. Through this self-directed process, the client is empowered with their own healing, a deletive process that removes trauma and negative beliefs permanently. I love it!"

- Elise
"Rebirthing has been a wonderful tool for the discovery of self. Participating in Changes: The Rebirther Training Course has helped me in a myriad of ways: Clearing the past... Overcoming fear... Creating the space... Direction... Relationships... Financially... Physically... Professionally... All in all, the benefits have been immense – and I have come to experience how the process that is Rebirthing can heal, promote understanding and clarity, and enlighten. Thank you for running the Changes course Bronwyn, and creating such a safe space for my growth to take place in."

- Gab
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