What happens in a session?

A Rebirthing session with a professional Rebirther is an easy process. The first session with a Rebirther is usually of a longer time duration; ie up to three hours. This time allows for a full questionnaire to be filled out and also allows ample time for the practitioner and the client to come to a clear understanding of the goals for the client. Example questions: “What do you want to change in your life?” and “What would you like to achieve from Rebirthing?”

The breathing component of a Rebirthing session lasts for a full one hour period of time. The thought of doing this breathing technique for an hour seems at first a long time, however after the experience of the rebirth session clients are often amazed that one hour has elapsed. After the breathing process, the client and Rebirther discuss the outcome of the session and if necessary the client can decide that they want an affirmation* to help keep them on track in a positive state of mind.

Making an appointment

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