Module 1

    Introduction to Rebirthing
    Principles and techniques
    Logistics of the Rebirther Training

Module 2

    Conception and birth trauma
    Womb trauma
    Birth and its effects
    Birth and sadness, fear, death, guilt
    Possibility of life issues re-enactment
    Being here - Process
    Precognitive thought
    Learning to Rebirth others - process

Module 3

    Parental disapproval syndrome
    Effects of parents on childhood
    Effects of parents on adults
    Societal pressures
    Depression - Suppression
    Anger processing
    Rebirthing - practical skills

Module 4

    Education and it effects
    Parent’s interest and attitude
    Primary school - peer group pressure, bullying
    High school
    Choosing careers
    Success/failure - competition
    Teachers and their influence

Module 5

    Initial fear from birth
    Fear causation in childhood
    How fear effects our lives - adulthood
    Reality and fear
    Outdoor activity - all day process

Module 6

    Money - prosperity - purpose
    Money - energy
    Guilt - beliefs
    Influences of money from childhood
    Money game - purpose - creating money in our lives
    Money and spirituality
    Warm water Rebirthing - process
    Money counseling

Module 7

    Sexuality and relationships
    Know who you are
    Love; what it means
    Influences - societal/parental
    Creating the relationship you want
    Couple counseling
    Sex and guilt
    Rebirthing - processing each other

Module 8

    Spirituality - personal - religious
    God - various religions
    Immortality - what it means
    Death - children, adults, relatives
    Death counseling
    Life and its meaning
    Cold water Rebirthing - process

Module 9

    Undergraduate completion
    Stable datum on Rebirthing
    Setting up a business
    Advertising - fees, etc
    Professionalism - confidentiality
    Joining Australian Academy of Rebirthing
    Thesis requirements for Graduation
    Case history requirements for Graduation


    On completion of the Rebirther Training,
    a client case history and handing in a 2,000 word
    thesis, the student will be a qualified Rebirther
    accredited by the Australian Academy of Rebirthing
    and Breathwork. (Inc. is South Australia)

Completion of assigned workbooks, a client case study and thesis,

in addition to the completion of the compulsory nationally endorsed units qualify

the student for the Cert IV Rebirthing/Breathwork Therapy, or the Diploma of Applied Health Rebirthing/Breathwork Therapy

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