Making an appointment

To make an appointment for a Rebirthing session contact Bronwyn Barter.

Phone +61 8 8260 2086 or email us

You will need to be available for three hours for the first session.
The second session is usually one week to ten days after the initial session.

The second and subsequent sessions that you will require are two hours duration and spread over extending periods of time.

Eventually most people decide, after they have had several sessions, that they no longer need to have frequent sessions. This because the condition that they have been dealing with has either subsided or even vanished completely. This is healing.

Clients can return at a later time, when they feel that they want to use the Rebirthing technique again for another issue that may have arisen. Life is dynamic, and change equals growth, so from time to time we need some assistance, it’s a layer upon layer type of journey.

Resistance is natural and common, acknowledge it and ignore it and make an appointment!
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